Play and mix audio from music files, karaoke, video and microphone
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Ultramixer is intended mainly for DJs and entertainers; however, it can be used by amateur users as well. This program can handle mixing not only MP3 but also playing karaoke and video files. Its graphical interface has the look and feels of a real audio console; yet, I cannot avoid the impression that looks somewhat outdated compared with other programs of the same type.

The application has some features that really make it shine, such as the availability of a two-playlist mode, which allows you to work on two separate lists and then let the program automatically play the top song of each of them alternately. Yet, this does not mean you cannot work with a single playlist, should you want to. Actually, this is rather easy as you can simply drag the songs from the music library, which, by the way, the program builds automatically by scanning the selected folders.

As to auto-mixing songs, the application lets you synchronize tracks and set various parameters. In addition, while the music is being played, you can use the microphone to talk to your audience just by clicking a button. Another feature that deserves mentioning is video and karaoke mixing. In this regard, it is good news that the program allows you to set the exact location of the lyrics on the screen and even put your own text. Likewise, you can create a slideshow if you just select a folder containing the photographs. Not only that, you can play whatever your webcam is capturing at the moment. Luckily, the tool supports a wide range of video formats, even in high definition.

Other features of this product are very similar to those you can find in the competition. For example, you can have the common controls, like an equalizer, a pan control, and LP/HP filter control. Fortunately, it supports various types of inputs, such as using various microphones and other audio equipment.

All in all, Ultramixer seems enough to satisfy the needs of most professional and amateur DJs. Some users would claim, though, that it lacks some of the features available from other products. Yet, it does have other features you cannot find in other similar programs as well. Therefore, my recommendation is to try it and see if it works for you. Actually, the demo version can be tried without many limits, except quitting every sixty minutes. The product is sold in three different versions: Home, Basic, and Entertain. Finally, it is good to know that there is a Mac version, which means that you do not have to learn to use a completely different application if you switch operating systems.

Pedro Castro
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  • Support of a wide range of file types.
  • Two-playlist mode.
  • Automatic building of a music library.
  • Video and karaoke mixing.
  • Automatic slideshows.
  • HD video support.
  • Various input types.
  • Live text.
  • Live camera


  • Outdated interface
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